I had some crazy dreams last night. Here it goes:

Had a dream I was watching a rocket take off at night. As it launched, there appeared to be a problem as the rocket started to lift through the air at an abnormal angle. Before to long, it started to wobble like a poorly thrown football by a quarterback. It then went over the house I was in and landed in a field about 100 yards away.

The ground had risen up around the hole it created. So, it looked like a ant hill with a big hole in the middle. I guess you could say it also looked like a dirt colored nuclear reactor stack, but a little smaller than that. I saw a bright glow from it in the night.

Afterwards, there were many men walking around investigating the scene. One had a boy with him who had thinned out red hair. The man, holding an electronic device, was measuring various materials and then placing the probe on the boys hair. He was comparing values between the two to see if the source of what he was measuring was the cause of the boys condition. I assumed it was cancer. They dismantled a doorknob. Underneath it were metal shavings that were sticking straight up. It looked like freezerburn I guess but it was metal. The boy was hopeful that this was the cause, but, the guy holding the electronic device did not get a match. Then they went on.

In a different scene, I was at a college. There was an outdoor plaza of some sort. It was gray out. I saw several people I knew. The person who stuck out the most was Tim and Lisa Austin. It was a bible conference of some sort and there were bands playing.