New Desktop

Originally uploaded by marcbrandenburg.

My computer has a fresh new desktop. I was hangin with Patrick on Saturday and noticed some cool widgets he had loaded. I had wondered if windows was going to emulate the mac widgets because they are so dang cool. And of course, the Windows faithful (of which I am impartial to. I like macs as much)came through with a rather impressive display of widgets. So, that is what you see before you.

What you do not see is the quick launch bar. When opened, I have launch icons for other widgets. For example, my movie times widget. I have 3 theatres in my preferences list and I can see what’s playing and when without having to visit a website. Pretty cool. If I want to purchase tickets online, I double click and wham, I’m on the site.

Anyway, this has taken up the better part of my two days because I also set this up on my work computer – where I have even more widgets loaded. Too dang cool.

Have other things to blog about but in time, in time.