I happened across an interesting show on the History Channel called “Banned from the Bible”. It spoke of how certain books circulating during the 1st century and later were not included in the bible. It was very revealing into the sometimes political and heretical lines which kept some books out. The Dead Sea scrolls and other fantastic tales like those found in “The Book of Jubilees” were also mentioned.

As I’ve read the bible, I’ve always asked so many questions about the “missing” pieces. For instance, why do we not hear very many stories of the childhood of Jesus. We get only snippets of his boyhood. To my comfort, they are questions that early Christians asked many centuries ago, and they are not a lack of belief on my part. What is true today is what was true then, the pieces were being filled in by anyone who felt they were inspired to find the answers to the questions. To which it is no surprise that we have so many varied ideas.

One of the most fascinating things I learned is the account of the virgin birth. In the Quaran, the story is very highly regarded in the Muslim faith and there are even more parallels to the bible that I have heard before.

Another question that was asked was most common when reading Genesis – who was Cain’s wife? There were books written outside of our current Christian bible that explained the part that was taboo – incest. Maybe? Maybe not. I am not sure. However, whether it happened that way or not does not discount the fact that we all are descendants of Adam. Which lead me to another intriguing story on CNN – Jewish Descent. Check this out.

That is all. Oh, on another note, I have been searching for an easy to use blog tool that integrates with my firefox browser. I found a most excellent and free utility called Performancing. You must download it if you want to blog and browse in the same window. It’s quick and easy to use.