I’ve been doing much driving this week. Yesterday, I took a trip to Whitesboro to see the finished product of a photo-shoot I did for one of my clients.  A billboard which sits on Highway 82 just east of 377 contains one of the images from that shoot.

Being a consummate multi-tasker, I made mental notes along the way about things I wanted to shoot on the way back. Fortunately, the billboard was still there and this would not be a repeat of my adventure to Thorndale.  I captured the billboard image for archival purposes, ate lunch and then headed back to Little Elm.

This is what I captured on the way back home. I’m adding this to my “Things Abandoned” series, a 1.5 year project so far.

ISO 200, f2.8, 1/2500
Nikon D700, 70-200mm 2.8, 8GB Lexar Pro CF card
Minor editing (Vignette, Definition and Pro Contrast)