I had a great day of photography today.  Despite the cold weather and clouds, what I got was excellent diffused light and no red noses.  

My first session was in Denton with Emily and Greg.  I was able to use the outdoor studios of Don Barnes with “The Photographers, Inc”.  I studied a lighting class that Don gave a year or so ago and he was gracious enough to allow me on the property to shoot.  There were about 5 different shots made, a couple of them with 2 dogs.  What I’ve posted here is my favorite though.  (View the entire gallery)

After grabbing a cheeseburger from my favorite burger joint (Denton County Hamburger), I headed back to Frisco to photograph one of the families I have photographed the most.  The Teague’s.  The fun shot of the day for this blog post goes to Simon alone though.  (View the entire gallery)

Greg and Emily
ISO 200, f/5, 1/500, WB Cloudy
Nikon D700, 24-85mm Nikkor 2.8, 8GB Lexar Pro CF Card 


Simon Kicks the Ball
ISO400, f/4, 1/400, WB Cloudy
Nikon D700, 24-85mm 2.8, 8GB Lexar Pro CF Card