Spring has officially arrived in North Texas and with it came freezing temperatures and 6″ of snow.  Just like the last time we received 11″ near Valentine’s Day, the latest cold blast (I hope) before easter created much chatter among fellow inhabitants of the snow zone on Facebook. What I didn’t expect was to come home and spend a great deal of time considering the snow and consequently, the message that I listened to in church this morning.

I heard a tremendous message titled, “It’s in the bag”. Our Pastor illustrated II Kings 6:24-33 and II Kings 7:2 with an earlier testimony by one of our church members  (As soon as it has been posted to the church website, I will send a link). And during the entire sermon, I was amazed, as our pastor poignantly put it, how God is speaking and working through our church and His people. He says he has no need to go out and find illustrations for what he wants to preach because the illustrations are happening right within our church congregation.  Those illustrations/testimonies are encouraging many, including me.

After lunch, I came home to send some emails to families interested in setting up photo shoots.  If you have been keeping up, I am raising money for Honduras by donating every dollar I make from photography to the Honduras mission.  And I thanked God because he was already providing.  I kept thinking about who else would sign up though. There have not been as many as I had hoped after I announced the fundraiser.

A voice though in my head kept saying, “It’s in the bag.  It’s already taken care of.  I don’t have to worry about it.” But the way my mind works, I always ask, “How?” How is God going to do that?” It nags at me like gnats on a hot summer day.

And that’s where I get into trouble.  It’s at that point that I want to take over and make things happen.  And when I do, it really just makes the process of getting through it much longer. It was once said, “If you could do it alone, you would have done it by now”.  That is so true.  And even though I know it, I still find myself trying to do it alone.

This is the reason I have enlisted other photographers to participate in the fundraiser.  I cannot do this alone.  And in

the process, I hope and pray that I inspire them to use their time and their talent for a higher purpose . I’ve spent too long using my photography business as a financial “stop-gap”.  I want to use everything I receive from this talent for the purpose of advancing the things of God – in my life, in my church and all across the world.

I suppose I can start saying to myself, “It’s in the camera bag”.  😉