It’s hard for me to recall a perfect weekend.  Just what is a perfect weekend?  Think about that for a moment.

Let me tell you about mine…

First, I have to thank my boss for the start of this picture perfect weekend by demanding that I take Friday off.  Yes.  He demanded, I did not ask.  And I’m glad he did because it allowed me to prepare for what would be a pivotal and epic weekend.

I caught up on chores, dropped dry cleaning off, washed the car, did laundry and caught up on some personal email.  Now, truth be told, I did do a little work via email but not very much.  I let the out-of-office take care of the rest (delete-delete). If it’s important, I’ll get another email Monday.  Who else treats email this way?

Around 8, I picked up my son so that we could drive to Austin to hang out for my brother’s 18th birthday on Saturday.  My mom was happy to be celebrating, but also because she would be with her grandson.  Midnight came, we reached mimi’s and then we fell sound asleep.

Late morning, after breakfast, we headed to Zilker Park to grab some canoes and hit the lake.  I learned from past men’s retreats that the canoe can be your enemy in a high speed race for glory and bragging rights.  So, I put all my phones into a plastic container and left with the attendant.  Fortunately, there were no incidents.

The day was picture perfect. Like a clear and clean window without a fingerprint, there was not a cloud in the sky. 80 degrees.  No shirt. Cool water. Pure relaxation. Now that I have Austin in my territory, I might start taking a canoe out afterwork just to unwind.

Afterwards, we walked for snow cones and then back to the car.  It seemed more and more people were out running and riding bikes.  It was like the whole dang town was out and active.

When I sat inside, I noticed a note slipped underneath the windshield wiper blade. It could mean only one of a few things.  So, I read the note:

“I’m sorry, but we accidentally dinged your back, right door.  Please call me to arrange having it removed.”

I looked for the ding and sure enough it was there.  But it was not as bad as I had originally thought when I read the note.  The first thought in my mind was the time someone had hit me while I was returning to Dallas from Austin.  In that instance, I made arrangements for that person to donate money to my Germany mission trip in 2005.  So, without getting angry about it, I told everyone in the car, “I’m going to call this guy and see if instead he’ll help fund my Honduras trip.  And I smiled.  What a great unexpected opportunity to tell someone about Honduras!

A nap soon followed after getting back to mom’s.  When I woke up, it was time to go out for my brother’s birthday. We all had dinner at the Hills Cafe.

There were plenty of guests and it was a great time with family and friends.  When it was time for cake, something really cool happened.  One of the little girls who came with her parents, I suppose she was 9, said, “Will you put 2 pieces of cake on these plates? There are 2 children over at that table who look like they might want some”.  Wow!

At some point later, I remember reading some facebook posts by my pastor saying no one at GM should miss Sunday’s Worship Service.  After having my heart warmed by the generosity and compassion of this little girl, I decided that I needed to wake up early and make it to church.

When I told my son, he was sad because he wanted to stay longer.  Without much thought, I booked him a flight to come back later – but I was leaving at 6:30 to get back to Frisco for church! (Luke 18:29)

I made it back to hear 2 stories that were just riveting.  My heart began to burn. I became anxious and impatient.  I wanted to get to Honduras as soon as possible. And the stories I heard just pounded me into the ground in humbleness.

My pride.  My possessions.  My problems.  All of them were insignificant compared to what was happening in this school cafeteria.  I nearly fell out of my chair because all that I was hearing was so powerful.  And I asked myself, “am I giving everything? Is my relationship with Christ  “with Everything?” I wish I could say yes.

My desire is there. But what is in my way?

I picked up my son from the airport and dropped him off at home.  We had a great time and he was thankful for being able to spend more time with mimi. I talked to her after she dropped him off at the airport.  She said, “he’s such a good boy.  You’ve done a great job”.  Is there any more goodness that can be squeezed into my cup for today?

On the way home, I was able to contact the gentleman who left me the note.  There was a little despondency in his voice as he explained how the dent appeared on my door. That soon changed to relief and gratitude when I told him, “would you consider just donating to my Honduras trip in July? Text me your email address and I’ll send you the details.”

Today, I see that there are many dents in my life.  But the power and grace that is inside of me because of Christ smooths those out and allows me to think beyond them towards a much larger reality.  That reality is people who have never heard and have never experienced the love of Christ.

“To him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…”

Yes.  It was a perfect weekend to come to the end of it knowing what I have to do every single day.