(grace is…taken from video I shot at church this morning)

Of all that has happened in my life, there is no other word I can use other than the one used by it’s very definition – Favor.

I have heard that refrain, Favor, many times in Tim’s sermons. Whether it was the word itself or revealed in some other way, it is unmistakeable the impact Favor has made (God’s Favor) on my life.

The entire mountain top experience this past weekend began for me on Wednesday night.  I had dinner with my Uncle Paul from Virginia.  We spent 3 hours at a BBQ place conversing about small things.  Progressively, we worked to the big things – God things.

He recounted much from the past.  Much of it, stories of how much the family prayed over my sister and I.  But also, he shared how much he struggled with growing up.  Not just growing up from a child to a man, but from a spiritual baby to the imperfect man of God he is today.

The power of testimony is a complete mystery to me.  As Paul shared his story with me again, I started to recall mine.  When I had the opportunity to share it with him, I could tell he could see me welling up inside because every single time I tell it, I am completely surrendered to that moment – that moment when I went to the mountain top for the first time 10 years ago.  It took me 17 years to reach it and since, it takes everything I have to get there again.  Everything I have, plus more of God’s grace; his Favor.

I’m sure that many men from this weekend can attest…when they went to the mountain top, they received grace.  They received God’s Favor.  And how sweet to the soul it will be when they take it with them to the valley.  And after they feel they have depleted the supply, their thirst for more of that grace, that Favor, they will once again begin the trek back to the mountain top.

I can hardly wait to go back to the top.

~ marc