There was a time when I spent many hours with pencil to paper, drawing as best I could, what my eyes could see.

At some point, I don’t remember exactly when, I became fascinated with the mechanical pencil. I soon found myself using .07, .05 and even .03 mm lead to produce fine detail for abstract drawings. Completely impractical for a pencil artist.

Had I pursued and practiced this gift, I might had carried my vision to hyper-realism with a mechanical pencil. Thinking of that process today, I imagine I would end up in an insane asylum. It does remind me though that I have a drawing started 10 years (or so) ago sitting in the closet that I would like to complete based on Revelation 4. Hmmm.

My insanity might be evident if I said I wanted to aspire to be the pencil version of Pedro Campos. He is absolutely amazing.!

Check out his works at: